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Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age and along with aging comes the need for health care. More patients lead to an increased need for health care administrators who are responsible for managing doctor’s offices, nursing homes and hospitals. Health care administrators are expected to see a 16% increase in job opportunities by 2018! [1]

All health care offices and hospitals require the help of health care administrators to oversee the daily operations of the facilities—from managing employees, handling compliance or regulatory issues and ensuring financial stability.

Health care administrators perform the everyday tasks that keep hospitals, health care offices and care homes functioning. Health care administrators assure that doctors, surgeons, dentists and other health care professionals have everything they need to save lives and treat the sick and the injured.

Health care administrators can enjoy high salaries, earning incomes of up to $80,240 a year. [2] Healthy salaries and great benefits combined with the expected growth in the industry makes health care administration a rewarding career to pursue.

Earn Your Degree In Health Care Management

A good path to pursue a career as a health care administrator could be to earn your degree in health care management or administration. Depending on your career goals, your healthcare career training could include earning an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree in health care management or administration.

Even with the ever-growing need for medical administrators, the industry still places great emphasis on training and experience. Certification in medical administration can confirm to prospective employers that you have the skills necessary to maintain an office and to provide for each patient’s specific needs.

Many entry-level health care administration positions require only an Associate’s degree, while some higher level positions may require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Luckily, there are a number of online degree program options. These online colleges offer full academic programs that are approved by the same institutions that govern local public and private colleges. You can study and attend classes from your home, office, or if you prefer, at your local campus. You can earn your college degree on your own terms, on your own schedule!

Find out about online health care administration degree programs in your area and online by entering your ZIP code in the field at the right.

Is Online Education Right For You?

A lot of people ask us: Is online education real and is it worth it? The answer to both questions is YES! The truth is that an education is worth exactly as much as you decide to put into it—whether it’s online or on-campus.

At, we pride ourselves on the schools and programs we recommend. Online programs can offer you the convenience and flexibility you need to take classes and earn your degree at a time that works best for you.

Online degrees are great for people in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Stay at home moms or dads
  • People who never got to finish college due to a financial constraint
  • Ambitious people who want to take their career to the next level or make a career jump to a new industry

Worried about the cost of a new education? You’re not alone. Most online colleges offer the same financial aid programs as traditional colleges. Make sure to ask about the different programs when you speak with the school advisor. They can assist in finding financial aid programs for those who qualify and can make your new education very accessible!

Concerned how much time it will take you to earn a degree? Most schools offer several paths for program completion, including accelerated options. If you wanted to, some programs may allow you to try and finish in as little as 14 months. But if you would like to learn at a slower pace, you can take your time and take one class at a time. It’s entirely up to you! Your school advisor can help you to create a class schedule that fits your needs.

Deciding to enroll in an online college is a big step! We suggest comparing a few schools to get an idea of different degree programs, tuition costs and financial aid options.

At, we make it easy to compare schools so that YOU can make an educated choice! Request information from up to 4 schools now.

Best of luck on your educational journey!


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